Another Delta Flight/Roasted Turkey Wrap with Havarti Cheese

  This time coming home from Santa Barbara, California I had the pleasure of seating with my oldest granddaughter, Madeline Grace, 12 but she quickly reminds me that in a couple of months she will be turning the magical number 13 !!!

We decided to stay in LA the night before our flight to save ourselves the early wake up call and two hour drive the next morning. But as luck would have it we missed the shuttle bus when we expected to leave and had to wait thirty more minutes. Thirty minutes we really didn’t have so rush, rush, rush.  Needless to say, no time to buy food for the flight. She doesn’t remember the last time she flew and the flight out was the “red eye”. So she was delighted to see a menu and was skillfully choosing her sandwich. She was telling me she’d take the chicken sandwich wrap but wanted the avocado and tomato left off, then she proceeded to say no mayo or cheese when I stopped her and said all the selections come premade and she’d have to take off what she didn’t want herself. After studying it a little longer she saw all she’d have left was the wrap and chicken so she thought she would choose another sandwich.

The roasted turkey sounded better because she wouldn’t have to take so much off. So she happily ordered that and when it came with spicy mustard to boot, she thought oh well, it’s too much trouble to unwrap and take off things so she ate it the way it came and said ” this is delicious!” I barely got even a sample. Now she wants us to try and make it at home. I hope the tomato flaxseed wraps won’t be too hard to find

All the flight attendants were such a good example for her too. She saw them passing out little flight pins to the children and helping the parents to settle their small ones making both parent and child happier. A young teenager traveling by himself was offered a meal you usually pay for to help him pass some time. So thank you Delta for another successful flight.

One thought on “Another Delta Flight/Roasted Turkey Wrap with Havarti Cheese

  1. So happy you came to visit all of us. Alycia’s boys miss you already! Glad you had a good flight home including visiting Doug’s Vino Volo in Detroit.

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