Dale Taylor I’m here to tell you that Hot Dog Heaven in Winter Park, Florida doesn’t have anything on me ! From the front I have THE BALL PARK Dog is with mustard, ketchup, pickle relish and chopped onion – next is THE CHILI DOG with beans of course – third comes THE CHILI CHEESE DOG, with no beans – fourth THE FAMOUS CHICAGO DOG with mustard, sour kraut, chopped onions and topped with jalapeños – last but by no means less important is THE SOUTHERN DOG with mustard, ketchup, chili with beans, shredded cheese and topped with slaw! Which is your favorite?
The picture above is my sister and I fixing hamburgers and hot dog at a horse show years ago. My sorority was helping to raise money so my mom and sister came to Tennessee to help and visit. When it was lunch time I fixed them both one of our southern dogs and they looked at each other and then took me aside, not to embarrass me, to tell me that in my hast I had accidentally put the slaw on top of their hot dog instead of beside it! We all had a good laugh when I told them that was the way they eat them down here. 😋

My grandson, Austin Crowley, decided he would create a hot dog of his own. He is a seventh grader and just finished reading FRANKENSTEIN and thought since Dr. Frankenstein had created the monster in the book, Austin wanted to call his creation THE MONSTER DOG. On it he put mustard and ketchup, chili, sour kraut, chopped onions, slaw and topped the whole thing with macaroni and cheese. It actually was very good! 👍



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