Cabin Fever/Barbecue Turkey Sandwiches

IMG_3730Sevierville, Tennessee is located in the Smoky Mountains near Knoxville, Tennessee. When I lived in Maryville and Knoxville in the seventies it was a small town with only a few local owned restaurants and many adventurious  hiking trails. The rambling rivers had big rocks you could sit on and have a picnic while watching the river pass you by. And camping was available from primitive to places for big campers to hook up. This is where Dolly Parton grew up and she has never forgotten her roots. Because of her influence and money there is something for everyone now. There are shops of all kinds, knife, pottery, candy, nuts, wine, clothing, just to mention a few. And go carts, miniture golf, helicopter rides, simulated skydiving, horseback riding, oh the list goes on. Restaurants for any craving you might have. If you look hard enough you can still find some of those local owned restaurants with woodburning fireplaces serving mountain country food. Dolly’s Dollywood has more than just rides too. Her whole family is involved in the music performances so you can imagine how good they sound. Since the cabin is just four and a half hours from Charleston, West Virginia, where we spent a wonderful family Thanksgiving, we drove to the cabin to spend the night on the way home. David Yaussy, our beloved brother in law, who is willing to put anything in his outside deep fryer, fried the turkey, fish, potatoes and twinkies!!  All turned out delicious!  The next morning the smell coming from the kitchen was barbecue. David had decided to turn some of the leftover turkey  into barbecue for sandwiches. The recipe for this is a family affair.  First David fries the turkey. Then Dick Yaussy, David’s dad, is given the chore of getting off all the turkey pieces from the turkey bones and he does such a terrific job no one else is ever even asked. (Thank goodness) Then you put pieces pulled apart into the crock pot. Another family member, Sherri Yaussy, has given us her family’s barbecue sauce and we pour that all over the meat and heat it for awhile. Of course you can use any barbecue sauce you like. We take turns stirring it occasionally.

This was a tasty supper for us as we ate by the fire enjoying our little getaway in the mountains.image imageimage

6 thoughts on “Cabin Fever/Barbecue Turkey Sandwiches

  1. LeAnna, what a beautiful cabin! I have so many memories of our travels in the Smokies from when I was a child. So happy you and your family can enjoy this blessing!


  2. It was lovely to meet you today! Your blog is beautiful (even on my phone!) It has inspired me to give mine a much needed overhaul. Please feel free to stop by our cabin anytime we are here! Florida tags on a green Jeep Commander or a white Ford F350 are a dead giveaway that we are in town 🙂

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